Paul Patty


  • Areas of expertise :

  • Basic Professional Selling Skills, Consultative Selling Skills, Business to Business Selling Skills, Account Manager Development Program, First-Line Sales Manager Development Program

  • Summary of experiences :
  • Paul Patty is experienced speaker and trainer with sales and marketing field background since 1980.

    Experiences were at field-sales
    • PT Astra Graphia -Xerox, Sales Management
    • MG Sports & Music, Sales Training Manager
    • PT Repex Perdana International-FedEx, Sales Training Manager
    • Markpus Institute of Marketing : 2003-2011 as Associate Partner and Senior Instructor

    • The MarkPluser of the Year, 2006, MarkPlus Institute of Marketing
    • Excellence Performance in Sales Training, 2001,

    Guest Speaker
    • Guest speaker at PPK Institute of Management on : “Smart Incentives For High Sales”
    • Guest speaker at PPM Institute of Management on : “Optimizing Database to Delight the Customer”
    • Guest speaker at MIST 2007 – FE UI
    • Guest speaker at Marketing Festifal 2006 – UK Satya Wacana, Salatiga

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